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Desktop Repair Services

– Fax Machine, Printer, Scanner Repair
– Software Upgrades
– Computer Tune-up
– Diagnostics
– Free Software Installation*
– Malware, Spyware, and Virus Removal**
– Data Transfer
– Desktop Computer Selection & Installation
– Comprehensive Hardware Repairs (RAM, Motherboard, Power Supply, etc.)
– Peripheral Repairs (SD Card Reader, Sound Card, USB Hub, etc.)

Home Networking Solutions

– Printer and Fax Networking
– Remote Access Solutions
– Integration of Smartphones, Tablets, and Game Consoles
– File Sharing Configuration
– Home Network Setup and Troubleshooting

Home Theater Setup

– Parental Controls***
– Smart Home Consultation
– Surround Sound and Speaker Setup
– Home Network Integration
– Home Theater Selection and Setup

Internet Assistance

– ISP Selection and Setup
– Privacy and Security Configuration
– Wireless and Cable Internet Troubleshooting
– Dial-up Connection Repair
– Internet Gateway Installation

Laptop Repair and Configuration

– Laptop Selection & Installation
– Comprehensive Repairs and Upgrades (Screen, Hardware, RAM, etc.)
– Wireless Configuration & Troubleshooting
– Anti-theft & Remote Wipe Software
– Battery Life Optimization****

* Our “Free Software Installation” service assists in installing software that is freely available. This does not imply that the installation service itself is free of charge.
** Please note: Virus removal processes can lead to potential data loss. We recommend backing up important data before the repair. We are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the virus removal process.
*** Parental Control configurations are dependent on the capabilities and limitations of the device and its manufacturer. We can assist in implementing the existing options but cannot guarantee additional features beyond what the manufacturer has provided.
**** Battery Life Optimization may involve disabling certain software features or functionalities to achieve improved battery performance.